10 Tips On How To Fall Out Of Love With Someone & Move Forward

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When the person who used to give you butterflies starts making matters worse for you, you’ve got to abort the mission. Falling in love with someone is quite an extraordinary experience. Sometimes it happens out of turn, without any realization, and practically without any effort. On the contrary, falling out of love with a dear one requires real emotional labor and stamina. Getting over someone involves an overload of emotions that are way too hard to digest. The situation varies; sometimes it’s a one-sided crush over a close friend, an ex-lover involved in infidelity, or a spouse that’s become way too controlling. Needless to say, you’ve made up your mind so now it’s time to utilize every hack you’ve got up your sleeve. You’ve got to take this step because it is in your best interest so buckle up! To neutralize some of that pressure off your weak shoulders, here are 10 tips on how to fall out of love with someone. Let’s take a look;

Time For A Spring Clean

If you’re trying to get over someone it’s probably best to get rid of any item that reminds you of them. Haven’t we all heard; out of sight, out of mind! For instance, while trying to fall out of love with an ex-partner/spouse, you might want to prepare your place for a spring clean. Get hold of your wardrobe and every single drawer inside the house. Keep an eye out for all the clothes you might’ve borrowed or any gifts they might’ve given you. Most of these items hold substantial value for you considering how they were given to you by someone you once held real close. If you’re not prepared to completely get rid of them grab a box to set them all aside. Fill that box to the brim with every item inside the house that could possibly remind you of them or the precious moments you shared. Now, seal it shut, and don’t forget to place that box in an area of your house which you rarely visit.

Keep Yourself Busy

When you’re thriving in your life you rarely have the time to redirect your attention somewhere else. Similarly, in your efforts to get over another person, keep your mind and creative forces busy. It’s the right time to whip out that long list of goals you’ve been stacking up for a while. It’s also the right opportunity to put your creative forces into work and make something concrete out of it.

Use the time at hand to further polish your artistic skills, join a local community club to explore new things. Fix the front yard of your house if you share a keen interest in gardening and helping around the house while doing chores is a great idea too. Additionally, you can also get involved in more extracurricular activities if you’re still in the academic stage of your life. We highly discourage overworking yourself but as long as your health allows, just avoid sitting idle.

Time Mends Everything

Listen, you’re not going to get over anything as long as you’re not giving yourself the time to grieve. Whether it’s about getting over a crush you’ve had for a while or falling out of love with a toxic ex, you need time. Perhaps the worst thing you can do to yourself is pushing yourself towards a new start. You’ll soon find the time to date new people and start a new beginning. But, for now, you need to mend the broken strings of your heart.

When it comes to a matter as sensitive as love, there’s no expiration date on “getting over”. So, instead of just listening to what your friends have to say, listen to what you want. If you need some time alone, you should do exactly that. Use this time to give yourself a pep talk because at the end of the day only you’re aware of the emotional turmoil this experience might’ve caused.

Put Yourself Out There

Yes, it’s something that your close friends might be suggesting for a while but it really is a tip worth trying. You can’t stay hung up on one person for a long period of time as that’s a very unhealthy situation. Take your time to grieve over an unrequited love but if you really want to completely fall out of love you need to put yourself out there. Nobody’s instructing you to get in a committed relationship with the first person you go out with. You need a taste of something new to forget about what you’ve been meaning to forget.

Step out into the dating zone slowly and take your time. Try whatever suits your instincts and mindset at that very moment instead of taking the traditionally monogamous direction. Remember, there’s nothing wrong with being a single gal or lad in the city. It would be unhealthy if you’re only staying alone because you’re still struggling to fall out of love. Both of these phenomena are directly proportional, so put your best suit or dress on and get out there!

Redirect Attention Towards Yourself

A self-care day can really set things into perspective. Redirect the direction of the attention you’ve been giving to that one particular person. If you’ve been neglecting your physical or mental wellbeing it’s time you take your mojo back. Take yourself out on a dinner date or spend a decent amount of time in a warm bubble bath. Pampering yourself and diverting much-needed attention towards yourself is an amazing tip. Consequently, you’ll be more inclined towards what you want or need instead of thinking relentlessly about that person you wish to forget for the time being.

Create Some Space

Here’s a tip that might be on your radar but you probably would’ve missed out on it. Create some space between you and the person you love. It’s as simple as that! If you’re both running in the same friends’ circle, take a break from socialization. You don’t want to come across someone you’ve been trying to emotionally avoid. You’ve made up your mind thus those late-night social media stalking sessions also need to stop as soon as possible.

So, switch up your common grocery mart for a new one, hide their social media activity from your timeline, decline their invitations to hang out. As mean as these actions might make you feel they’re only going to help you in falling out of love. If you’ve fallen for a roommate, the right decision would be moving out on an immediate basis. No, you’re not acting like a coward, you’re simply saving yourself from additional grieving by prolonging this process.

New Beginnings

If you’re intentionally preparing to fall out of love with someone, there’s probably a perk in your mind. Sometimes people plan on doing that for the sake of their mental health, career goals, etc. Now, as selfish as this might make you feel, you deserve to take steps for your own sake. Additionally, it would be very selfish to make another person believe in the depth of a bond when you don’t want to be in there for the long run. Similarly, you don’t deserve to be in love with someone who seems to be further deteriorating your mental health and sanity. The best solution would probably be, looking at the bright side. You might be reluctant to take the final blow, but looking at the future ahead of you, you’ll find the courage to get things sorted.

It’s okay if you’re scared to end things at the moment, but the idea of a new beginning will entice you. Daydream about the new possibilities that falling out of love with this person and being with someone else can bring in your life. Perhaps you’ll find a more promising partner that won’t diminish your chances of succeeding with their controlling behavior. Just, set your eyes on the ultimate goal you’ve set for a new start, ultimately you’ll reach the mindset you’ve been desiring to fall out of love.

Get Some Closure

Sometimes you need to get close one last time to finally let go. It’s necessary to seek closure before you hit the final blow. Otherwise, you’ll be greeted with guilt and regret your whole life. People who fail at seeking closure end up wondering about the contrary most of the time. Additionally, your efforts to get over the one you love won’t be that fruitful until you’ve extracted closure. Perhaps getting closure would further remind you why it’s so essential to fall out of love with that person.

There are many ways to seek closure and the method entirely depends upon the nature of the situation. You’re probably trying to fall out of love with a current partner, an ex-partner, or perhaps an unrequited crush. Depending upon the nature of your relationship and the proximity you both share you can decide the way you want to seek closure one last time. Some possible ways would be, writing a letter, making a call, scheduling a meeting to sort things up one last time. Just do what seems to be appropriate at that very moment, because you need to analyze the situation one last time to make up your mind.

Channel Your Energy In A Healthy Manner

You’re probably fueled up with way too many emotions at the moment. Believe it or not, falling out of love is harder than it seems and one has to experience what it is like before making assumptions. Instead of channeling all that frustration in an unhealthy manner use it in a way that benefits you. Consequently, you really won’t have much time to overthink and criticize something you’ve pre-planned.

If you’re too frustrated with what you’re doing, joining an athletic activity could help you physically relieve some of that stress. We suggest attending boxing classes or any other athletic sport. If you wish to get your emotions across but don’t trust anyone enough, start writing a journal. In this way, you’ll be yelling out whatever you want to say instead of keeping things inside you. Relieving some of that anxiety can really help you get back in the game and aid you in getting over that particular person.

Let’s Take The Cons Into Perspective

When you’re way too deep, you rarely see the red flags. That’s the thing love sure is blind, and you’ll barely think about what could be wrong when you’re too involved. If you really want to fall out of love with someone you need a list of cons to look at. It might seem like something way too rude but remember, you’ve made up your mind to get rid of any romantic feelings towards that one special person. So, grab a pen and paper because it’s showtime.

Ask yourself, what’s the one thing that really puts you off when it comes to your ex’s habits? Was he too controlling, needy, or purely narcissistic? Maybe it was her lack of cleanliness or inability to communicate properly with you. Singling out these cons will lift that curtain of romanticism you’ve associated with that person. As nihilistic as this approach might feel, it does work in the long run. You need a punch of realism sometimes and seeing your loved one in a new light will give you that punch.

Photo by Andrik Langfield on Unsplash
Final Words

If things just don’t seem to work out, it’s time to seek some professional help. You’re probably aware of how hard it is to prepare yourself for this grueling task. That’s why you need someone who can counsel you into making the right choices for yourself. Talk to a counselor to fashion a mindset that caters to your mental and physical wellbeing. A counselor can also suggest strategies that can save you from carrying any emotional baggage or having recurrent mental breakdowns in the future. Remember, you’ve made this decision for your own sake and you’re not being selfish by nurturing your own sanity.






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