Is Energy Healing As Great As People Claim?

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Energy healing or spiritual healing is a kind of treatment based upon pseudoscientific beliefs. It’s a non-invasive holistic practice trusted by millions. Energy healing involves channeling energies from a trained practitioner’s end towards the person acquiring services. The art of spiritual healing might seem too much of a hippie concept to some. Yet, a large majority of people swear by its benefits and its self assuring impact on their wellness. Ancient cultures swear by its benefits and some ethnic manifestos have been proof of this long-running generational practice. Some practitioners of this therapeutic technique utilize subtle energy in the form of vibrations or physical touch. Qigong, Reiki, Pranic Healing, and Crystal healing are some of the most widely acclaimed kinds of energy healing.

Meanwhile, there are some that make great use of non-empirical distant energy. If it’s a concept that you really haven’t heard of before. You might not be able to make an opinion about something like this without trying it at least once. To guide you on your journey towards spiritual healing and the use of subtle energy for the sake of wellness. Here’s a brief guide on the benefits of energy healing and important queries that need to be answered before getting started!

Some Lesser Known Benefits Of Energy Healing

Restoration Of Your Sleep Cycle

Our sleep cycle impacts our health and personal matters in an undeniable manner. No wonder people struggling with insomnia or a messed up sleeping schedule fail to behave as normally as they do when they get proper nap time. Lack of enough sleep can impact both your physiological and psychological state. Insomnia or stress caused by the lack of mental rest can result in dizziness and headache in some less chronic cases. When the problem maxes up a notch the consequences increases as well.

As stated earlier, the practices carried out while energy healing is usually non-invasive. Additionally, it doesn’t involve chugging in any relaxants or the ingestion of any pills. The relaxation one attains during an energy healing session can help you ease up better after a hectic day. As soon as the weight of exhaustion starts easing up from your shoulders, you find yourself pacing towards a more stable sleeping cycle. No wonder people tend to sleep halfway through these sessions.

A Step Towards Self Healing And Balance

It won’t be wrong to admit that our life only runs properly when it’s balanced. Similar is the case with our bodies. We run on moderate measures when it comes to every autonomous function; stable blood pressure, balanced blood sugar levels, moderate heartbeat, perfect respiratory levels, etc. The excess or lack of anything can push your body towards disorientation. Energy healing practices like Reiki push your body towards natural balance.

It’s a spiritual and natural means of returning your body to its natural order by balancing out each organ’s functionality. A balanced body is more capable of healing on its own from any physical or emotional injury. Thus, Reiki is an energy healing practice that can stabilize the speed of a physiological injury caused by an accident. Energy healing sessions with a talented professional will ensure that each part of your body receives equal attention. Energy healing doesn’t target one particular section or chunk of your state. It’s a phenomenon that can enrich every section of your body with balance so it can heal internally on its own.

A Step Towards A Harmonious Lifestyle

Energy transfer during energy healing sessions is a way of redirecting you towards a better you. This practice promotes the flow of energy through your entire body. While you’re leaning towards this spiritual practice you’re making a lifestyle change. This lifestyle change is a step towards a life of fulfillment and harmony. That’s one of the reasons why a huge chunk of patients struggling with cardiovascular disorder, cancer, and depression partner energy healing with their other treatments.

Once you start feeling better from the inside the outside starts showing up the consequences on its own. Thus you have much better mental clarity. Feeling better coerces you into making better decisions for yourself and for the ones that matter to you. Additionally, it leads to the creation of a happy little bubble where you feel more in tune with yourself and your natural state of mind.

It’s An Antidote For Fatigue

Pursuing energy healing with an open mind can bring forth remarkable results. Whether it’s the stress of a hectic work routine, taking care of an entire family, or stress associated with something else. We’re all one way or another slightly anxious and in chronic cases, on the verge of collapsing. Of course, you can’t really take care of stress in a properly permanent manner. Yet adopting certain healthy habits can provide temporary relief for the time being.

One of these self-care habits would be fixing an appointment with an energy healer. Setting energy charges in motion, an energy healing session can relieve you from the toxicity you’ve been carrying inside you for a while. Each session gives your mind and body an energetic stimulation. Thus you tend you think better, feel better and perform better. Wearing off any kind of stress assures better mental and physical wellbeing.

Energy Healing: Things You Should Know Before Fixing An Appointment

You don’t really have to follow any particular protocol to attend a healing session with a practitioner. Yet, at the same time knowing about a few particular things can help you achieve the solace you came for in the first place.

  • An energy healing session requires a setting where you can actually let go of all the worries. Some practitioners also use ambient noise to amplify the effect of the session. You can share your preferences regarding silence or ambient noises.
  • A typical session can last between 40-90 minutes but it can vary.
  • You can either lie down or sit upright during the session.
  • The healer will begin by first centering himself/herself. Later on, your healer will attune yourself with you to finally begin the healing. Attuning in laymen’s language stands for picking up an intention according to the patient’s needs.
  • People that religiously attend such sessions report seeing colors and varying patterns in a relaxed state. It almost feels like a mild charge of energy is flowing through your body as you enter a brand new consciousness.
  • You might be able to tell whether or not these sessions work out for you after 4-5 regular sessions.
  • Take optimal time to find a practitioner that makes you feel the most comfortable. The target is to achieve relaxation, so how do you expect yourself to be relaxed if you’re not satisfied with the practitioner you’ve chosen. Remember to check their credentials and certifications. If you’re more comfortable with a practitioner of a certain gender, don’t comprise on your choice.
  • You can expect slightly sweeping motions across your face and body as the healer establishes contact for two reasons. Firstly, in order to discover any sensations and imbalances while observing your energy field. Secondly, for the purpose of healing and grounding you to a balanced state at the end of the session.
  • Don’t forget to use the lavatory beforehand if you don’t want to get up and leave mid-session.
  • Energy healing sessions involving reiki have some particular requirements. It involves touch thus you might have to sign a document showing your consent. Furthermore, don’t be afraid to share any of your health-related anomalies or if you have trouble breathing while lying down. It’s better to share sensitive information at first instead of letting it slip through later on.
  • Don’t rely on your practitioner to completely provide your relief from any medicinal anomaly. Energy healing isn’t meant to be used as a replacement for medicinal drugs, therapy, etc. Its an additional source to relieve stress, pain, or fatigue associated with those concerns.
  • It’s perfectly fine if you feel overcome by emotions mid-session and want to cry.
  • There are certain after-session rituals one can carry out to keep the relaxed vibe continuous. This may include; taking an Epsom salt or Himalayan salt bath, placing crystals around you while meditating, lighting sage around the house, etc.


Some Helpful Resources: Courses & Reading List

Now that you’re aware of most of the ifs and buts, it’s time to make a decision. If you’re willing to put your feet in the world of energy healing you might need a helping hand especially if you’re on a tight schedule. The lack of affordability while hiring a professional healer can also be a problem. Thus there are some online courses on energy healing that can help you achieve the desired results based on your wishes. Additionally, they can help you you want to delve deeper and intend on becoming a practitioner as well. We’ve divided these courses based on beginner and intermediate levels. You can pick up what works fine for you and get started!

For Beginners

1. The Energy Healing Summit ($300)

This course consists of 30 sessions that are covered in under 10 days. Its carried out by Sounds True as they bring together some of the most well-recognized names across the globe belonging to the world of energy healing. You can always look out for their sales campaigns to avail a discount on an upcoming course. Additionally, this particular course will cover facets like modern and traditional practices of energy healing. You can also upgrade and have 24/7 access to the articles and additional sources provided to you.

2. Energy Healing Techniques ($40)

This one’s specifically a game-changer for newbies that have little to no idea about what they’re stepping into. It’s affordable and very comprehensive. The experts providing services to the participants will be covering spirituality from every angle and how future practitioners like you can redirect to the people you’ll service. It’s a one-way ticket to the guidebook that covers meditative practices, positive affirmations, and the power of manifestations.

For Intermediates

1. Chakra Healing Certificate Course ($89.99)

Udemy carries out this intermediate-level course. Once the course gets completed you’ll be awarded the certificate of completion. This course pays great regard to chakras thus you’ll be focusing on everything including; blocked chakras, the consequences of blocked chakras, some micro mediation techniques, how to resolve blocked chakras, and how chakras are linked to your soul/body.

2. The Academy Of Energy Healing’s Course ($300)

Moving one step ahead, this course can ensure international opportunities for employment. As stated earlier, your certification will be recognized internationally providing you better chances at becoming a healer. Furthermore, you’ll be engaged in a group healing session with your instructor from time to time. You’ll have access to the provided material for exactly 6 months. Thus it’s up to you; whether you’ll require more or less time than this. There’s a wide range of relevant courses on Coursesity as well.

Meanwhile, if you’re willing to explore the multifaceted world of this healing phenomenon you can always count on some amazing books. Down below; we’ve compiled a reading list. It consists of books written by people associated with the field, the origin of the energy healing art, and people’s experiences with this spectacular spiritual practice.

  • William Bengston’s The Energy Cure
  • Joe Dispenza’s Becoming Supernatural
  • Mikao Usui’s The Original Reiki Handbook
  • Jill Blakeway’s Energy Medicine
  • Kelsey Patel’s Burning Bright
Final Words

You can work with a healer to create a self-care plan for yourself. In this way, if you’re satisfied with services, the healer receives the proper feedback regarding improvements. Later on, you can fix future appointments based on these matters. There’s little to no scientific data backing up claims regarding energy healing. Yet, for some, there’s nothing as better as an energy healing session on a self-care day. So, what’s it going to be? Which practice seems to be in alignment with your needs when it comes to this non-medicinal healing phenomenon? Let us know in the comments!









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