When Does Relationship Counseling Become Necessary?

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relationship counseling


Do you have any doubts about your relationship but can’t place a finger on any reason? Individuals in most monogamous relationships struggle with concerns that can’t be fixed without holding interventions with experts. Considering how we all are immersed in our domestic, personal, or financial matters, holding dedicated dialogues seems pretty impossible. That’s the thing; we avoid talking about these matters until they escalate and lead to divorce or breakups. So, if you’ve ever wondered in which situations relationship counseling becomes an absolute necessity. You might be on the verge of something huge too.

Here are a few situations where couples can benefit from relationship counseling;

Pre-marital Relationships & Counseling

Commitment Issues & Transitional Phases

Stepping into a romantic relationship can be very hard. This situation turns even harder when you haven’t been able to commit to a person in a long while. Some couples find it harder to transition into this new phase of life. These huge transitional steps might include;

  • Moving in together
  • Sharing domestic responsibilities
  • Adopting a pet animal together

It’s understandable if both partners find it harder to commit to each other. They could also be fearing a lack of freedom in the future. Additionally, it’s difficult for a more self-reliant partner to share personal space with another individual. Conflicts are bound to rise because it’s almost like starting from scratch. Furthermore, couples often struggle with specific steps when they take the monogamous road. In these situations, relationship counseling can help couples find the courage to work on things together.


Trust is the thread that holds an intimate relationship together. Thus, if that gets damaged even once the base of a relationship starts crumbling on its own. Infidelity or cheating can damage your partner’s trust up to irreparable extents. Yet, if you’re both willing to work things out relationship counseling is the next best solution. Your counselor can help build the foundation of trust once again. With the involvement of a trusted individual, both partners can establish dialogue once again. Additionally, both partners can find a middle ground to set the base of their relationship in the future. Counseling in the case of infidelity can also aid in finding the right time to end a relationship for good.

Lack Of Understanding or Communication

It is absolutely impossible to stay in contact with your s/o 24/7. Sometimes our domestic or financial responsibilities come in the way. So there’s the probability that this lack of communication can make things worse. If continued, this pattern of lack of communication can evolve into a lack of understanding. Especially during the honeymoon phase, these issues can make matters worse for couples. In that case, attending relationship counseling sessions can help you establish some more healthy patterns. Couples can even land on better routines that favor both their romantic and personal endeavors.

Premarital Preparations

Not every couple heads over to a counselor when things turn sour. A certain number of couples in premarital relationships view counseling as a preparatory measure. If a couple is transitioning into a more official relationship they might want to prepare for the conflicts that await them in advance. Attending counseling sessions at this stage can make both partners aware of the upcoming responsibilities. It’s the right time to rediscover each other’s ideologies on future parenthood, finances, and other domestic matters.

For instance; oftentimes people don’t intend on having children in the future. What if their s/o does want to have children of their own? Thus, in the presence of a trained professional soon to be married couples can land on a mutually agreed option.

Career Centered Probabilities

Staying in a long-distance relationship is a trajectory most couples don’t want to explore. It is quite difficult due to the lack of physical intimacy involved as well as the lack of in-personal communication. So if your partner plans on moving away for career-related probabilities you’re both going to need some professional assistance. Evidently, it’s a transitional phase most couples don’t go through. That’s why adopting it, requires extra effort and time. Thus scheduling online sessions with a trusted counselor can aid couples in managing matters at equilibrium.

A Break From Monogamy

Open relationships are quite the norm today. Switching over to non-traditional relationships brings forth some uncommon issues as well. Sometimes it can lead to resentment, jealousy, and sadness. That’s why proper dialogue and discussion are quite necessary to establish some ground rules. During these sessions soon to be polyamorous or monogamous couples can discuss the following;

  • Mutually agreed-upon boundaries for the future
  • Schedules dedicated to spending time with each other
  • How these nontraditional relationships can affect their family
  • Whether or not each partner is taking necessary safety precautions while initiating intercourse with others
  • Whether or not both partners agree upon making huge changes

premarital relationship counseling


Relationship Counseling & Married Couples

Sudden Tragic Incidents

Life is quite unexpected and traumatic events can greet us at any moment. The death of a close relative, inability to conceive, miscarriage, sexual assault, ruthless accidents are some probabilities that can shake up one’s matrimonial bliss. Considering the accidental and sudden nature of all these occurrences couples aren’t completely aware of how they can deal with the matter at hand. Sometimes both partners tend to become distant and cut off communication. On the contrary, some can even become completely reliant on the other partner for emotional support. Both of these situations are extremely toxic and make things worse for a married couple. That’s why talking to a counselor is an absolute necessity when unnatural occurrences like these destroy the peace of your matrimonial life.

Lack of Emotional or Physical Intimacy

Most married couples struggle with physical intimacy and emotional intimacy after a while. Some contribute it to the presence of children or their busy routines. Emotional intimacy is as important as physical intimacy as the lack of both these can contribute to a higher divorce rate among couples. It can also contribute to resentment towards your s/o as well as jealousy and sadness. It’s a huge reason why married couples direly need to involve a third party for equal chances of discussion. During counseling sessions, couples can identify the patterns contributing to this lack of intimacy and find solutions to curb it. As a matter of fact, holding dialogues regarding each partner’s own needs can save couples from ending things if they don’t intend to.

Benefits Of Relationship Counseling

  • Exploring The Reasons Behind Conflicts

With the help of relationship counseling couples who have been going through negative patterns can finally pinpoint a reason. If the arguments have been charged with sarcastic undertones, resentment, and casually hurtful words. Relationship counseling can help investigate the root cause behind all those casual conflicts. During these sessions couples finally set aside all other responsibilities and overgo their history together. Additionally, the point of focus becomes two topics; “What has been bothering both partners?” & “Which strategies should be opted to nullify the conflict?”

  • Adaption Of Varying Circumstances

There are some circumstances that people tend to neglect when thinking about the key target group for couples counseling. The first target group on this list consists of the couples that might be beginning a blended family. A blended family consists of the couple in question and their children with different partners. Blended families have always been around. Yet no one seems to discuss how adaption of circumstances in this situation can be pretty different. When two different families get blended together (resulting from a marriage/relationship), parenting roles often take a new turn. Attending counseling sessions provides both partners the opportunity to discuss their new parenting roles. It’s also the right time to prepare for the conflicts that might arise later in the future.

Moreover, couples that are on the brink of divorce or separation are another target group worth paying attention to. If you’re wondering how relationship counseling could benefit such couples you won’t be alone. The answer to this question is; communication and closure. It’s an opportunity for soon-to-be separated couples to end their resentment for each other. Not only do they benefit from this key step in their relationship. They also find the strength to communicate and coordinate better in the future. As a result, they can co-parent in a better manner and discuss strategies on how to avoid clashes in the future. People that are planning on breaking up can also leave each other on a happy note or leave things on friendly terms.

  • Better Mental & Physical Wellbeing

Our relationship and interactions with the ones around us impact our health the most. If matrimonial or romantic bliss seems at large, a person’s physical and mental wellbeing is bound to crumble. Toxic relationships are one of the leading culprits behind anxiety, depression, and other mental ailments. Stress resulting from a bad relationship can even manifest in the form of physical symptoms; hair fall, migraines, bad cardiovascular health, etc. Thus working on the issues at hand can not only save your relationship but also ensure your personal wellbeing

  • Divorce & Resolution

Although your counselor cannot strictly suggest that you should or shouldn’t take divorce. Yet, talking to a counselor can help a couple realize whether matters can be foxed through counseling or not. Consequently, relationship counseling has the power to stop couples and families from breaking apart. Similarly, if the situation involved is harmful to the couple involved, counseling can give them the space to think things through. As a result, couples can realize when their thoughts just don’t realign anymore and separate instead of struggling.

  • The Rejuvenation Of Intimacy

Relationship counseling creates a space for safe dialogue. In the presence of a counselor, couples can look into the ways they have been neglecting their partner. These sessions are a space where someone can explicitly state the urges that haven’t been fulfilled physically or emotionally. It’s a fresh start that also gives couples the perspective they need to light the missing spark in their premarital or marital relationship.

  • Better Communication & Understanding

During relationship counseling sessions each partner gets equal chances to get their points across. There is no interruption or avoidance involved. Thus both of these aspects create a safe space for better communication and better understanding. If both partners are attending relationship counseling sessions evidently they want to work on their relationship. Talking to a counselor can help you adopt specific strategies that will help you in creating dialogues in the future. Additionally, the resentment rooting because of being neglected also wears off over time.

marital relationship counseling

Relationship Counseling: Some Helpful Resources

  • If you’re aware of a couple in your circle that has attended counseling sessions. You can ask them to suggest a trusted counselor. Don’t be vary as these sessions are entirely confidential and there would be zero privacy concerns.
  • You can look into your city’s directory and get hold of an acclaimed couples counselor in your locality. Don’t forget to go over their credentials before signing up. Head over to Good Therapy’s website and enter your zip code to find a nearby couples’ counselor or therapist
  • ReGain has a dedicated team of certified psychologists and social workers. Their online counseling program gives you and your partner the liberty to change counselors and decide the number of sessions you want to attend. Furthermore, they provide both individual and couples counseling sessions.
  • For up to $50 you can try a single online counseling session with E-therapy café. If things sail smoothly then you can avail their 8 sessions plan for up to $320. Their team consists of certified counselors. Furthermore, they heavily rely on audio calls, online journals, and visual mediums like video calling.
Final Words

You should be choosing a counselor that is easily accessible and affordable at the same time. Before beginning your counseling sessions with your partner don’t forget that you are going to have to focus on self-improvement as well. Placing the burden on your partner when you both need to focus on self-improvement won’t be fruitful.



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