Top 11 Crystals For Love That Can Give Your Love Life A Fresh Start

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Top 11 Crystals For Love 

As a firm believer in spirituality and positive affirmations, how can you miss out on crystals for love? Crystals can really enhance your search for better love life and partner. Some of the many characteristics of a great stone may include; bringing equilibrium to your life, enhancing compassion, lighting a spark for better intimacy, and improving the healing tendencies of your heart. Now let’s unblock those heart chakras and align our hearts with the beat of the universe. Most of the crystals on this list promote self-love and their powerful vibrations can also attract passionate suitors.

1. Rhodonite

The pale mineral teams with the power of compassion and forgiveness. Rhodonite lies in the mild pink and deep red color range. This almost transparent gem is a manganese silicate mineral. Additionally, Rhodonite has the power to stir up the strings of anyone’s heart. It’s a particular favorite among people that have shared disappointments in the past during matters of love or affection. Furthermore, on the Mohs hardness scale, Rhodonite lies between 5-6. Filling your life with authenticity and altruism Rhodonite can free you from the shackles of any present or upcoming toxic romanticism. Some of its leading healing properties are; rejuvenating the purity of an injured heart and inducing soothing vibrations.

2. Green Aventurine

The link between heart and banging love life cannot be denied. Thus one must really focus on the heart chakra for noticeable changes in their romantic phases. The gemstone in question balances out the heart chakra. Thus those of us who never had the luck of giving our heart to a valid person, get a renewed chance to heal. Additionally, green aventurine is partnered with other crystals for love. Such as the combination of Green Aventurine and Rose Quartz can really attract amazing romantic possibilities thanks to the following two reasons;

  • Green aventurine focuses on physical aspects
  • Rose Quartz rejuvenates emotional aspects

With your physical and emotional sides aligned with each other, you’re at your best and prepared to attract your best match. Furthermore, green aventurine promises lightness and compassion. At the start of a new romantic affinity, you need all the luck one can have. So, green aventurine is one of those options that can really magnify the extent of this luck and act as a lucky charm.

Crystals for Love

3. Rose Quartz

The glimmer encompassing Rose Quartz is bound to capture your attention. Apart from the glistening pearly pink exterior rose quartz get regarded as one of the most major crystals for love. It is infamous for building tolerable tendencies and strengthening your chakra. This hexagonal mineral features pink shaded transparency. When you’re out and about with a rose quartz gem around your neck you’ll be turning heads with an even strong feminine aura. Rose quartz hold get a reputation among admirers of gems due to its healing properties. Those who have been injured in matters of heart find themselves inclined towards its compassion-building characteristics. This dusty rose stone strengthens the quality that makes love and affection so worth having. Yes, we’re referring to trust.

Rose quartz is an absolute choice for those intending on filling their soul with all the loving energy they can get their hands on. Lastly, the insistence on this being one of the best love crystals is based on its direct relationship with the throat chakra and heart chakra.

4. Amethyst

This hexagonal mineral stands for two of the most important things responsible for endless affection; wisdom and calmness. Additionally, this mineral’s linked to the crown chakra and third eye chakra. The more inclined towards peaceful arguments you are the more spiritual healing you can carry on. Amethyst’s lustrous purple color also ranges in some dusky tones of violet. While discussing some of the best crystals for love, no one can neglect Amethyst’s divine connection-making characteristics.

The ancient history of this luminous love stone can be traced back to the times of Dionysius and his tale of red wine tears. In the beginning, we insisted on the importance wisdom plays in one’s life. A soul induced to a drunken haze is bound to make careless mistakes. Carelessness mistakes made during matters of the heart can ruin romantic bliss. On the contrary, Amethyst radiates crystal clear clarity and the person wearing it can make the best out of every step in life. People find themselves inclined towards amethyst when going through a bad breakup. Thus the healing properties of this purple gemstone are another plus point.

5. Lapis Lazuli

If you’re not impressed with the galaxy-like blue surface you’ll appreciate its connection with the throat chakra. Yes, we’re talking about the same stone Michelangelo deemed worthy for the Sistine chapel aka Lapis Lazuli. Lapis Lazuli redefines communication like never before. This is a metamorphic rock that’s usually very pigmented in contrasts of blue or purple. To find the love of your life and maintain the sanctity of an amazing relationship, communication matters the most.

Thus out of all crystals we’ve come across so far, this gemstone shares the strongest bond with the throat chakra. Apart from its soul-cleansing aura Lapis Lazuli allows you to be more open to the outside world. It’s a gateway to let your authenticity pass through thus you can find your best match by letting your private side shine through. The ruling planet of Venus is aligned with Lapis Lazuli thus enhancing its characteristics even further. After taking a look at its self-expressive tendencies let’s move q step ahead. Most ancient cultures and religions also regard this gemstone as a protector against evil.

6. Agate

Famous for its sapphire hued Agate has multiple varieties. Each variety of this love stone varies in its powerful capabilities too. Some of the most commonly used varieties are; Moss agate, Blue lace agate, Brown agate, and fire agate. If your love life has all the emotional fuel one might need but the physical intimacy lacks a spark, fire agate might be able to help. On the contrary, the moss variation promotes healing of the heart by rejuvenating the heart chakra. It also prepares you to open your heart to new beginnings and perspectives giving you a gentle push back onto the dating scene. Brown agate eliminates any feelings of discomfort or rage associated with one’s romantic life. Lastly, the blue lace variant grounds your heart.

Thus you’re able to make decisions that are not ego-driven and absolutely best to maintain a love life with harmony. Belonging to the rock formation of quartz and chalcedony, Agate is very potent in its approach to healing. Agate promotes emotional balance and can be used to wear off anxieties. The vibrations radiated by this gemstone are truly balanced and moderate making it a fan favorite.


7. Kunzite

A bad romantic experience with an ex-partner can coerce you into building strong walls around your heart. Rebuilding that trust once again demands some positive affirmations as well as the healing characteristics of Kunzite. It’s a glass stone with various color variations in; blue, green, lilac, and greenish-yellow.  This potent vibration releasing gemstone releases a force field of wisdom, compassion, and healing. The soft shades of gentle pink make it appear extremely lovely. Thus a pendant around the neck would look super appealing and guard you through the daily humdrum of your love life. Additionally, Kunzite often gets regarded as a woman’s stone due to its mild pink exterior but men are equally interested in its potent properties. As we all know pigments like pink and light red are often associated with devotion.

Thus love is completely smeared across the glistening exterior of this gemstone. Kunzite specializes in fading away feelings of impending doom with its gentle aura and calming qualities. This crystal for love amplifies feminine energy. Thus you can attract as many dashing men around you with your aura and charm. Individuals that have tied the chords of their hearts long ago can count on this crystal to sweep away disharmonious memories and urges.

8. Amazonite

The condition of one’s heart chakra and throat chakra really determines the course of their love life. Amazonite’s got your back while securing the optimal condition of both. This gemstone gives negative affirmations and energies a tough time by activating your emotional geniuses. Sensitive lovers are really going to count their blessings as amazonite helps you in eradicating the emotional baggage you’ve been collecting for a while. The lack of expression in a relationship can really deteriorate it. Usually, that is a sign of tied heartstrings and negative experiences. Amazonite radiates healing vibrations and gives you the tendency to voice out what you’re actually thinking. Its stops any hindrances in the way of optimal communities between you and your partner. Additionally, amazonite brings balance to a mind that’s constantly been jumping through highs and lows.

This gemstone belongs to the triclinic variety of stones and has a crystallized verdigris appearance with hues of green. Wearing an amazonite bracelet or placing a lucky charm around your bed can relieve you from self-doubt. Apart from eradication fear and tension, amazonite can also appeal to the enclosed freedom hidden inside your heart and help you in making healthier boundaries.

9. Turquoise

Turquoise stands for tranquility and fills you up with a newfound respect for equilibrium. You always end up doing better in the romantic section of your life when you’re self-satisfied. Thus self-satisfaction is the first step towards a successful dating life or marriage. This blue crystal can rejuvenate the wholeness you’ve been craving for so long. Turquoise keeps you grounded and at the same time fills your soul with the confidence to eradicate any hurdles with grace.

This crystal can really spark up the levels of compassion in your life. Without removing your originality, Turquoise is a crystal that can fill your soul with the urge for understanding and togetherness. With both of these qualities under your belt, you can enjoy some of the most fulfilling and mutually beneficial relationships. Furthermore, this blue stone stabilizes personal interaction and makes sure there are as few conflicts as there can be.

10. Morganite

What could possibly be a better introduction to this crystal instead of its label as the stone of divine love and affection? This is a vitreous beryl crystal that also occurs in varieties with pink emerald and rose beryl hues. Apart from being a very durable crystal morganite hold a special place in the heart of those that desire a grand love life. Unconditional love won’t seem that far once you start holding this peachy pink crystal close to your heart.

Morganite is known for resuscitating compassion in a broken heart. Additionally, it is very connected to the heart chakra and uplifts your soul with its baggage ridding vibrations. While we’re on the topic of healthy vibrations, morganite seems to be exceptionally potent. Morganite turns you more receptive by wearing off pessimistic ideas from your heart.

11. Emerald

Steering the wheel of a long and happy married life requires good fortune. Luckily any married couple can get a quick fix of that with emerald. This stone often gets labeled as the stone of good fortune. For the single folks searching for unconventional love stories, emerald clears out any hurdles standing in your love life. Additionally, this crystal for love can also spark up loyalty levels. Thus ensuring that you’re not going to land yourself in a situation where your heart gets broken. Emerald’s equalized vibrations rejuvenate one’s tendency to forgive and forget all follies. Thus anyone can enjoy a mature relationship based on trust, compassion, and stability.

Final Words

You can really give your feminine energy a spark with our top picks. The way you use crystals depends on your varying tastes and style. Some suggest using their favorite crystals on the list as helpful guides during meditation. Additionally using them as lucky charms tied around the bed or pendants that you wear in alienation to the moon cycle is also amazing. Good luck getting the love life you desire!






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