13 Effective Manifestation Techniques That Can Fulfill All Your Desires

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Do you ever wish there was a way to fulfill all your desires? Perhaps these manifestation techniques might be able to trim some rough edges for you. We’re about to enter a brand new year or by the time you read this, we might’ve already made our way into it. We’re sure that there’s a long list of wishes or desires that might’ve already made their way into your heart. There’s a lot you want for the future you and there’s a lot to be done to make that happen.

This is exactly where manifestation comes into play. Manifestation is the act of bringing an idea, belief, or desire to live. It’s a simple act based on The Law Of Attraction. So, according to this currently particular belief;

“One can attract what they desire by shifting their focus on what they desire”

Here are some credible and affordable manifestation techniques that can bring you a step closer to your desired situation;

1. Tread Lightly At First

The general law of attraction and manifesting things into your life might seem a little suspicious to some people. It’s a common thing to be a little doubtful about such practices if you’re not particularly spiritual. So, for those of you who find themselves in a similar situation, we suggest treading lightly. Start small and take small steps because this technique will boost your confidence regarding manifestation.

You need to be the least bit conspicuous regarding the things you’re manifesting and the act of manifesting. So, to do that one must build their confidence in any particular belief. Starting small means you can manifest minor desires in your life. For instance; start by manifesting the possibility of a great date with a person you like before manifesting something as grand as a successful long-term relationship.

2. Relying On The Higher-ups

If you’re religious or mainly just spiritual then you must believe that there has to be a powerful force who’s running this universe. Thus one can put things out into the universe and rely on that powerful force to get the job done for them. Grab a piece of paper and draw a line in the middle of that paper. On the left side jot down all the things you’d like to accomplish during this week, month or year.

Now on the right side jot down all those things you want the universe to do for you. Once that’s done, start working on what you can achieve and leave the rest to the universe as you’ve successfully manifested those goals. A new year’s about to begin so that’s the right time to manifest some desires using this particular method.

3. Jot Down Positive Affirmations

Changing your mindset and turning it more positive can really help you manifest things in a better manner. One of the many ways you can make those alterations is by jotting down positive affirmations. We suggest using the 55×5 method when it comes to daily affirmations. While following this technique you can jot down positive affirmations and repeat them to yourself at least 55 times a day. You can do this while you’re on the go, simply write an affirmation on a piece of paper and keep it inside your purse.

Another great way of fulfilling the daily affirmations challenge for the next 5 weeks is by using sticky notes. Write down your daily affirmations and stick them in different locations around your house. For instance; if you’re trying to gain weight then you’ve first got to feel more body positive. These daily affirmations will help in molding your mind into a more positive one which indirectly affects what you’ve manifested.

4. Practice Gratitude

If you’ve been manifesting a desire for a long while and it still hasn’t happened, you might be a little exhausted. You might overthink the things that are stopping your desire from being fulfilled. You might even wonder whether or not you deserve what you wished for or whether the act of manifestation actually works. This is how one slips into a hole of negativity.

Practicing gratitude daily can help you if you’re an avid fan of manifestation. Keeping a gratitude journal or simply wondering about the things that you’re thankful for can push you out of negative space. Consequently, you can be a great manifestation tool as it lands you back on your heels whenever you start doubting things.

5. The Two Cup Strategy

Here’s how this manifestation technique works; take two cups and fill only one with a decent amount of water. Put labels on both cups. The filled cup should be a metaphor for your current situation meanwhile the other cup is a metaphor for your desired situation. Now’s the time to step into a more spiritual zone. Wonder how you’re currently feeling and how you’d feel after you’ve attained what you desire.

Holding onto that giddy feeling and positive vibe, pour water from the current cup into the desired cup. Now drink the water from the latter. Rip up the labels from both cups and hold tight to the label that entails your desired situation. You’ve successfully manifested your wish and now you’re attracting all those good things that’ll take you closer to your goal.

6. Visualize A Happier “You”

This technique is something we’ve all done in the past without even realizing it. Picturing a happy you more vividly can be a great manifestation method. Add specific details by remembering colors, shapes, names, and faces in a situation. This can be explained better with the help of an example;

If you’ve manifested a career goal or an official position then you can visualize yourself in an official setting. Visualize your office cabin, with the wall paint and furniture of your choice. Imagine how being in that position and office would make you feel.

Imagine eavesdropping on a situation where two of your colleagues might be talking about your promotion. Furthermore, imagine a situation where a relative might be congratulating you for achieving what you always wanted. Visualizing all these things can trick your mind into believing that you’d succeed ultimately. It’s a manifestation technique that also motivates you to work harder.

7. Turn Abstract Ideas Into Something Concrete

Your desires although have substance, they lack a physical or concrete appearance. While you’re busy in everyday life, you might need a reminder of the things you’ve been desiring for a while. To keep yourself in a loop, one must always find a way to turn their manifestations more concrete. So, here’s another affordable way of manifesting your goals into reality.

You can create a physical or virtual vision board in order to act on this technique. Grab a wood board and post stuff related to your manifestation on top of it. Keep it in a place where you can see it on the regular and stay on track. Pinterest is also a great place to create a virtual mood board. For instance; if you’ve manifested a trip to Paris, you can create a mood-board on Pinterest and add pins related to Parisian food, localities, architecture, etc.

8. Let Your Imagination Take The Wheel

Manifesting your goals into reality can be a mind-bending activity. You’ve really got to alter the way you think about things. Including more positivity in your thought process instead of focusing on the negatives can shape your future. So, to make things happen the way you want, you’ve first got to put things out on your own. During the day, let your imagination do the job.

Be vocal about the things you want while talking to yourself or others. Uttering sentences that begin with wishful thinking may be another great manifestation technique. For instance; Instead of saying that “I need to have a source of stable income” say something along the lines of “Wouldn’t it be nice if I had a source of stable income”.

Photo by Karsten Winegeart on Unsplash

9. The Time-Travel Trick

This manifestation technique involves imagining oneself in the future. So, buckle up because you’re in for a bumpy ride. Ground yourself mentally and imagine yourself in your desired situation. It could be anything as simple as the NYC apartment you’ve been meaning to buy, or a small homestead with the love of your life.

Once you’ve reached that place take a look back and imagine all the possible steps that could’ve taken you to this place. Contemplating these steps as your “future self” gives you a chance to examine any possible efforts that can make current you closer to your goals.

Another great way of approaching this technique is by writing letters from your future self. By becoming the voice of the future you, address letters to the current you. In those letters entail how happy the future you might be after achieving what they desired a while ago. This manifestation technique will require a little practice as one can easily get lost between the present and past self but it’s so worth trying.

10. Trace Your Steps Back To Positivity

While trying various ways to manifest what you want to happen, you need to reset your subconscious. We tend to face various ups and downs during a week. Thus one really needs to meditate and trace their steps back to a more stable state. Turn on your favorite gentle tunes and give yourself a little pep talk. People that tend to meditate stay more grounded and manifest things in a more fulfilling manner.

11. Mimic The “Future You”

As humans, we tend to believe that our desires can give us the fulfillment we’ve always missed. The fulfillment of desires provides mental and emotional security which tends to impact the way we talk, think, act or behave. Haven’t we all heard; fake it till you make it. Well, that’s what we’re exactly going to do in this case.

This manifestation technique involves acting in a way one would act after acquiring something they manifested before. If you’re trying to get your desired physique to gain more confidence then you can simply manifest it by acting like the future you. In this way, you’ll be practicing confidence every day. While acting as you have already “made it” you’ll be heading towards your manifested goal with a more secure mind.

12. Reinvestigating The Reasoning

Finding a “call” or “motive” behind you’re manifestation can really help you manifest better. This is a manifestation technique that can set the tone for your manifesting abilities. You must be doing what you’re doing for the right reason. Having a spiritual cause behind your manifestation can really twist fate in your favor.

For instance: if there are any ill feelings or zero motive behind your manifestation, you’re bound to end up disappointed. What you’re putting out there, is exactly what you’re going to get back from the universe. This is the way the law of attraction works so make sure you’re on the right track.

13. Jot, Trim & Discard

What’s standing in between you and what you want? Is it a financial problem stopping you from investing in your business or an annoying boss revoking the possibility of a promotion? Whatever seems to be the cause of your anxieties could be the one thing stopping you from manifesting things into reality. So, grab a piece of paper and talk in great detail about the thing that’s bothering you. Now, burn that piece of paper in the fireplace or keep it locked away inside a carton in your storeroom. You’ve eradicated the issue pushing you towards a negative space. Thus, now you can move on to better things.

Final Words

So, which one of these manifestation techniques works best for you? Are there any personal favorites? Do let us know in the comments and continue making the universe a source of your fulfillment!






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