Should You Spend Your Money On A Yoga Blanket?

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Do I really need to spend money on something like this? You might be reflecting on this statement but trust us, you really need it. If you’ve never heard of yoga blankets before but are very thorough with your practice, you’re going to thank us for enlightening you. Yoga blankets are quite simply not-too-thin and not-too-thick large pieces of fabric that are generally used while striking different yoga poses. Generally, these are used for the following purposes;

  • For the sake of extra support until you’re more flexible
  • For decorative purposes
  • To remain cozy while carrying out meditative practices
  • To avoid injuries/rashes on sensitive bony parts of your body

We’re going to answer all your queries regarding yoga blankets. You’re fairly new to this, thus we’re going to reflect on; how you can find an amazing yoga blanket, how you can take care of a yoga blanket and incorporate it into your life. Additionally, we’ll be sharing our top picks for the day as we have some affordable options in store for you. Let’s take a look!

How To Incorporate A Yoga Blanket In Different Ways?

Before we discuss some traditional ways of using a yoga blanket here are some conventional uses. You can always use a yoga blanket for decorative purposes. For example, Mexican yoga blankets have a long list of admirers. The intricate ethnic designs on these Mexican yoga blankets and their vibrant colors add new life to your workout space or wherever you practice yoga. They’re not only culturally enlightening but also super affordable. They’re going to last pretty long because of pure cotton and wool knitting.

Furthermore, yoga blankets are pretty warm and fuzzy. Thus they can provide pleasure during extreme cold. You can always use it while you’re on a picnic and need something to sit on. If you already own a tool like this, it wouldn’t hurt if you’re willing to experiment with your practice quite a bit. You can always try different asanas by incorporating a yoga blanket at home for a change in your daily practice. Here’s how;

Pigeon Pose

If you really struggle while bringing your hips down to the floor in this pose, try placing a folded yoga blanket under your bent leg. Now, you might need one or more blankets to level up and for support. Thus it all depends on your flexibility.


If you’re wondering why on earth would someone need a blanket during something as easy as savasana, you won’t be alone. It’s a fairly easy pose to strike but while you’re lying on your back with a backache, you might need something that takes off the judge just a bit. Thus placing a yoga blanket under your feet can elevate the pressure off your lower back. Additionally, you can also use a blanket during savasana to add gentle pressure all over your body. This will also ensure that you’re feeling warm and cozy while doing savasana.

Yoga Squat

Some get better at striking this pose with practice. Meanwhile, others are never able to master it perfectly due to the different anatomy of their body or body mass. So, placing a folded yoga blanket under the heels of your feet may help you in squatting while spreading your hips.

Camel Pose

While you’re down on all fours, having extra sensitive knees can make things hard. So, if only using a yoga mat doesn’t seem to help add an extra layer of yoga blanket to make things easier.

Sitting Pose

If you’re lacking equipment, a folded yoga blanket can always take its place. For instance, in the easy pose, you can use a yoga blanket instead of yoga blocks to elevate your hips.

Plow Pose

A shoulder stand’s always supposed to be performed with extra caution especially because of the involvement of your neck. While doing so, if you feel like there’s way too much pressure on your neck, you can always place a yoga blanket directly under your shoulders to relieve pressure.

Head To Knee Pose

Placing a yoga blanket under the hip bone or under the knees for support has two benefits. First and foremost, it ensures that there’s little to no strain on your knees that could cause an injury. Also, it improves your posture twice as better as before.

How To Purchase The Right Yoga Blanket?

Now, if you really wish to make your purchase count you’ve got to keep a few qualities in your mind. If you’re purchasing them online, read the description to find out about the construction material. If you’re buying it on your own from a market, you can also feel up the fabric to make the right choice. Here are some attributes one should never neglect;

  1. Fabric: This is an attribute that one should look for prior to looking into anything. If you’re choosing the right fabric, it has to be soft and long-lasting. You’re going to lean on it for support, so if it easily unweaves you’re probably going to regret buying it. If it’s too hard, you’re probably going to get rashes on your skin. A super affordable option would be a cotton-polyester blend. Their colors don’t come off that easily even after multiple washes. People also prefer either pure cotton or wool yoga blankets. Cotton’s super safe for the environment and it’s super durable too. An added benefit is its softness. Wool on the other can make you feel super cozy but it ends up pilling up more quickly which can make it your second choice. It is a sustainable option for anyone but vegans.
  2. Size: Obviously, if you’re tall, you’ll need a yoga blanket in accordance with that. Practitioners tend to find a yoga blanket that’s large enough to cover them during savasana. Additionally, the larger the yoga blanket is the more chances there are of experimentation. You can switch up some folding techniques and get support in multiple ways.
  3. Appearance: If you’re not really interested in this aspect it’s all up to you. Find yourself a block-colored yoga blanket and it’ll be just fine. On the contrary, if you’re looking for something vibrant and exhilarating there’s a lot to look into. Some yoga blankets come with traditionally Mexican falsa, serape, and Indian patterns. These diverse options might be culturally significant to you or something new that you wish to try.

Some other equally significant qualities would be the fabric’s nature. For instance, ask the seller whether or not this yoga blanket is washable? Test out whether or not it folds easily.

How To Take Care Of A Yoga Blanket?

If treated in the right way, a piece of durable fabric can last you a lifetime. Now, that you’ve purchased a yoga blanket, you might want to try and take care of it as well as you can. There are certain tips you should be following concerning washing, cleaning, and storage. Let’s take a look;

  • Using a harsh detergent might not insure proper cleaning but it will surely make the fabric more brittle. Use a mild one and if you still accidentally land on a harsh one, use fabric softener afterward to maintain your blanket’s softness.
  • Manually washing your yoga blanket ensures that it doesn’t shrink much. Additionally, it’ll reduce its chances of becoming brittle.
  • To reduce washing turns place your blanket over a yoga mat, that will keep it clean for longer.
  • Wash your yoga mats in cold water and don’t use bleach to get rid of stains.
  • Avoid washing your yoga mats in a washing machine and drying them with the help of an electronic cloth drier. Using either of these repetitively can increase the chances of snagging and pilling.
  • Before throwing away your blanket’s wrapping cover, read the instructions. You might find out about any washing or storage instructions.

Our Top Picks: 5 Affordable & Amazing Yoga Blankets

Here are some super affordable options that you can order right away from Amazon. There is an equal number of options for block print and pattern fans!

Traditional Mexican Yoga Blanket By YogaAccessories

Price: $19.99

This traditional piece is available in a variety of colors including; red, green, blue, teal, and brown. What’s so great is that this yoga blanket is machine washable which can really save you some time. Additionally, the fabric used in its construction is a blend of cotton and polyester. The ethnic Mexican weaved pattern looks super cool and culturally significant. So, if you’re a fan of patterns you’re going to love it. You can either air dry it or use a tumble dryer it’s all up to you. This blanket weighs around 3.4 lbs. This adds something extra to its portable nature as a yoga blanket that can be carried from place to place. Lastly, its proportions are 74″ x 52″.

Colorful Fafsa Mexican Yoga Blanket by El Paso Designs

Price: $17.99

This is another addition to the list of traditional Mexican yoga blankets on this list. This one’s by El Paso designs and you can either purchase an assorted 5 blankets pack o buy a single one. The vibrant striped partner is worth buying, and you’ll love the fact that it’s washable. Weighing around 2 pounds these handmade blankets have tassels attached to their ends. If you like to invest your money in something that’s useful and an environmentally conscious choice then this is the one item you need badly. This 51 x 74 inches blanket has been weaved with environmentally safe fibers. The manufacturers of this yoga blanket strongly suggest against using bleach.

Lotuscrafts Yoga Blanket Cotton Savasana

Price: $34.95

Available in 3 exhilarating shades, this is an ideal choice for fans of block prints. This yoga blanket by Lotuscraft has been manufactured from 100% organic cotton fabric. Additionally, you can use it anywhere you want as a versatile item that’s appropriate for both yoga, decorative and recreational purposes. A huge plus point is its environment-friendly nature. If you like to spend your bucks on something that’s biodegradable, Lotuscraft’s yoga blanket is a product you shouldn’t miss out on. It is going to last you a long time and it’s large enough to cover your body during savasana.

TranquilTribe’s Boho Blanket

Price: $24.9

If your room’s entire decor reflects a bohemian style, you can even use this yoga blanket as a tapestry on your wall. This yoga blanket by Tranquil Tribe is available in the following vibrant colors: Blue, Turquoise, White, Cream, Beige, Grey, Light Grey, Charcoal, Dark Grey, Pink, Blush, Peach. Weighing around only 2.16 pounds, this yoga blanket is also machine washable. So, was ut on cold settings without worrying about unweaving any threads. Additionally, you can tumble dry it or hang it for the purpose of air drying after washing. The fabric used in its construction is extremely soft so you can also use it as a bedspread during winter.

Hugger Mugger’s Recycled Yoga Blankets

Price: $29

Being environmentally conscious means that you’re worried about every item you consume every day, one way or another. Thus, if you’re a yoga practitioner, every item you purchase should reflect your views. This recyclable yoga blanket stands as a testament to your beliefs. Apart from being biodegradable, this blanket weighs around only 4.3 lbs. It’s exceptionally lightweight and portable. Carrying a cute plaid front it is 70″long x 75″ wide. If you struggle with wool allergies, there’s no need to worry  Surely, this blanket will be your best buddy during restorative yoga.

Final Words

There’s a long list of uses you can extract from a yoga blanket. Being pregnant or having an injury shouldn’t nullify your chances of performing yoga. So, if you need extra support while striking poses, go for it and invest some money on what matters. At the end of the day even if you don’t end up using a blanket for yoga you can use it as a decorative tapestry, cozy bedspread, or a beautiful picnic blanket. Which one of these top picks appealed to you? Most of these are affordable so do check them out!






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