Top 10 Best Eye Pillows For Relaxation 2021

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Stressed out after staring at a computer screen your entire day? We bet your eyes feel pretty sore and this constant headache might be just too hard to handle every day. One can’t bid adieu to a job of course, but you can include something in your routine to counterattack this stress. Using an eye pillow must’ve been something you’ve never done before, but now’s the time to try something new. It’s the perfect antidote to sleepless nights, migraine pangs, anxiety, dryness, puffiness, and swollen eyes. Wouldn’t it be helpful if you could find a way to relieve your eyes within work breaks? Well, now you can by carrying around these portable eye pillows with you anywhere you want.

Eye pillows are also meant for those of you who are really looking for something to maximize your meditative sessions. First and foremost, some of the choices down below perfectly block out light. Thus, you won’t be disturbed by anything while concentrating. Secondly, the added benefit of an essential oil or crystal can take you to a whole realm of rejuvenation. Need some help finding the right kind? We’ve got your back!

Why Do People Use Eye Pillows?

  • Applying a decent amount of compression around the region surrounding your eyes can really revitalize your vision. Thus wearing a decently weighted eye pillow can provide acupressure to ensure that your eyes don’t feel as dusky as they are.
  • Aromatic eye pillows have long been known to harbour additional benefits. You’re not only receiving enough compression but also getting a chance to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy. For instance, if you struggle with sinus-related issues using one infused with eucalyptus oil can provide relief. Similarly, one infused with lavender can lower down anxiety levels.
  • It’s also used during restorative yoga and meditative sessions for additional benefits.
  • If you’re into spirituality and wholeheartedly trust the power crystals, using an eye pillow with crushed crystals can rejuvenate you.
  • Refrigerated eye pillows can reduce the swelling in your face. Especially, during the morning a refrigerated eye pillow can be a cure for sore eyes.
  • Consistent usage of electronic devices might irritate your eyes or worse, cause dry eyes. Warm compressions with an eye pillow can calm down your nerves and provide relief.
  • If you’re struggling with dry eyes and can’t seem to bear any exposure to light an eye pillow can protect you from light blockage.

How To Select An Appropriate Eye Pillow?

If you’re planning to purchase an eye pillow there are some pointers that you’ve got to look into;

  • Fabric is one of the important characteristics of an eye pillow. You’re going to be placing it on your face thus you need a fabric that really feels comfortable. If you’re purchasing one for the night you need to give more attention to this particular quality. Certain fabrics can cause rashes on your face while you take turns while sleeping or switch positions. That’s why most people prefer satin, cotton, or any other breathable fabric.
  • The filling of your eye mask is the next feature. Just make sure that you’re not allergic to any of the substances used for filling. For instance; some eye pillows utilize aromatic substances like lavender for the sake of aromatherapy. If you’re allergic or more sensitive to that, might have to switch over to another eye pillow.
  • Check whether or not your eye pillow provides temperature therapy or not. Thus, you’ve got to first find out if that eye pillow is microwavable or freezable or not. Only then you’ll be able to get cold and hot compression from your eye pillow.

Now, let’s take a look at some of our best picks!

I. Eye Pillows For Yoga Aficionados

Blissful Being Namaste Yoga Eye Pillow

Barely weigh-in around 9 ounces, this eye pillow seems to place just the right amount of pressure. Apart from its lightweight nature, this eye pillow is available in a variety of colors including various shades of pink and purple. Consequently, you can always match things up according to your will. You can either keep it in a refrigerator when you wish to reduce puffiness or heat it up a little when you crave some warmth because it’s microwavable. This eye pillow’s totally travel-friendly so you can use it on the go after a hectic workout session.

The outer layers of this pillow are manufactured from organic cotton. Thus it feels super soft on the eyes and causes zero friction. Additionally, zero friction and a silky exterior ensure comfort as well as lack of any rashes. Furthermore, this pillow features flax seed and extremely luxurious French lavender on the inside. You can always replace the filling by using the zipper on the side. Consequently, apart from applying gentle pressure lavender will also lower down your anxiety levels.

SANSEVO Lavender Yoga Eye Pillow

Available in blue paisley and natural paisley, this eye pillow is a total gold mine for yoga lovers. It’s extremely soothing and a hardcore choice for the fans of crystals. If you’re wondering why? Then you’ll be glad to discover that the filling inside the fabric includes rose quartz particles in addition to flaxseed. It’s been also lightly scented with lavender so you’re getting an equal dose of its healing and calming properties. This aromatherapy eye pillow’s going to make sure that it sticks around for long. The corners have been double stitched to avoid fraying and the fabric is 100% organic. You’ll also be provided with a drawstring bag to keep your eye pillow inside. That’ll save your pillow from hanging onto any dust particles. If the contrary happens you can also wash it because the fabric is in fact washable.

Emiana Satin Silk Yoga Eye Pillow

Had enough of those rubber allergies? Emiana’s satin silk eye pillows will make sure you’re getting the comfort you desire without interacting with any allergens. The satin silk cools pretty fast and provides soothing action when your eyes desire something cool. Meanwhile, the velvet end heats up and provides warm compression when your eyes are too strained. This eye pillow consists of flaxseed and dried lavender flowers.

You’ll receive ultimate light blockage and amazingly the inside pouch is also removable. Thus you can either switch over or remove it while you’re washing the eye pillow. When you’re in a seated position while doing yoga you can count on the removable strap to hang on to your head. Lastly, you’ve got to place it in a refrigerator for an entire hour before placing it on your eyes for some cooling action.

II. Eye Pillows For Aromatherapy & Optimal Compression

Gaiam Relax Restorative Eye Pillow

This particular eye pillow features an ethnic pattern on the outside which gives it a very attractive appearance. the fabric is super soft and comfortable. Additionally, this restorative eye pillow reduces any muscle tension, anxiety, and soreness apart from providing comfort. The fabric used in its manufacturing is Satin and it’s also lavender scented to ensure more pleasure. Thus you’ll also be getting a bunch of good old aromatherapy This is a moderately sized eye pillow and it can also be used during yoga. Lastly, the filling inside the fabric consists of flaxseed and rice.

IMAK Compression Pain Relief Eye Pillow

This is a pull-on eye pillow with a string attached to both ends. Thus it is easy to wear and easy to take off. It’s available in a matte black shade and provides the perfect amount of compression. Additionally, for some soothing action, you can place it in a refrigerator and cool it down. If you’re looking for a napping session with zero light, you’ll be glad to know that this one completely blocks out light while you relax.

Consequently, you can really divert all your attention to your meditative sessions. This pain-relieving eye pillow has been designed by a surgeon thus every little inch hugs the contours of your face. The manufacturing fabric is soft breathable cotton and the insides consist of ergoBeads. It’s totally washable and caters to everything including; soreness, sinus discomfort, eye strain, etc. There’s no latex involved so zero chances of latex allergies.

Kimmieko Weighted Eye Pillow for Eyes

As the name indicates this is a perfectly weighted eye pillow consisting of flax seed and organic lavender leaves on the inside. Apart from being very aromatic, it is easy to carry around. So, if you like to reduce eye strain during office breaks, Kimmieko’s eye pillow has your back. It’s available in 3 different patterns and each of them appears super elegant. There are no chances of fraying because the fabric has been stitched to perfection. Furthermore, this eye pillow is machine washable. Whether it’s post-workout relaxation or you need a yoga companion, now you’re sorted!

III. Eye Pillows For Better Sleep

Koamask Weighted Eye Mask

This sleeping mask provides relief from migraine pangs and tension-related headaches. Want to match up with your sleepsuits? You’ve got a grey and black shade to choose from. This eye pillow has two sides that serve two different purposes. If you’re using it on the cotton side while going to sleep you’ll be able to get a cooling effect for eye strain. You only need to place it in the icebox for 1-2 hours. On the contrary, the fleece side nullifies any swellings with its warm compress. Remember, you can’t microwave this eye pillow. Each pad on this pillow is filled with beads that can give light blockage and provide comfort in each sleeping position.

Nodpod Weighted Eye Mask by Anthropologie

This eye pillow gets it all right; the color, the fitting, and the fabric. You can pick out one from the 4 color variations and the fabric is also breathable. The jersey material used in its construction is entirely strap-free. Thus you don’t feel any tightness around your eye or head during the night. Furthermore, the Nodpod eye pillow utilizes BPA-free polyethylene bead filling that gives you just the right amount of compression on your eyes.

MZOO Store’s Eye Pillow

MZOO’s eye pillow follows a 3d eye model design that perfectly hugs each corner of your head. There’s a buckle strap attached to the concave contours of the eye pillow. The strap doesn’t really get stuck in your hair even when you switch sleeping positions during the night. It’s available in shades of blue, black, purple, and red. Additionally, this particular eye pillow is absolutely appropriate for those who haven’t been able to enjoy a good night’s sleep for a while. Perhaps the memory foam material and fiber fabric used in its construction turn it into an absolutely comforting option. You can hand wash this eye pillow. This eye pillow has been fastened with heat-bonded technology thus it’ll never fall apart.

Lotus Weighted Lavender Eye Pillow


If insomnia’s really been kicking your rear end you need an alternative as price-effective as Nolava’s lavender eye pillow. Restore the equilibrium in your head and relax with the compression its flax seed interior provides. It not only relieves your stress levels at the end of your day but also aromatically tantalizes you with its lavender scent. It’s microwavable thus you can heat it up within minutes and get your nightly dose of warm compression. Additionally, it’s also freezer-friendly. So, you can use it to reduce the appearance of puffy eyes.

Final Words

Lastly, if you’re using an eye pillow for yoga or any meditative exercise that requires sitting upright you’ll need a strap. Some eye pillows don’t come with a strap that holds your head. So, reconsider your needs before you buy one with or without a strap. Make sure you check out our picks to make a long-lasting purchase!









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