13 Exceptionally Easy Ways To Balance Your Mind, Body & Spirit

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Your mental stability, physical health, and spirit are all interlinked with each other. That’s why whenever you’re not feeling your best mentally, you also exhibit physical signs of illness. With the easy access to relevant literature, fitness blogs, and video logs it has become quite easy for anyone to keep their wellness in check. But, someone who hasn’t really been in tune with his/her mind, body, and spirit might need something more than a single blog entry. What’s badly needed in that scenario is a complete lifestyle change. This lifestyle change must garner to each of the three most important pillars of a person’s wellness; the body, the mind & the spirit.

There should be a decent amount of routine adjustments that support mental and physical stability. Furthermore, anything that uplifts your spirit, makes you feel grounded, and more connected with the universe will automatically be amazing for you. So, to harbor some good energy while balancing your mind, body, and spirit, you need to adopt the following habits;

1. Don’t Let Your Passions Wear Off

To keep your spirits high and your heart fulfilled, you need to feel good about what you’re doing. Now, this statement can be related to everything that you’ve got going on, in terms of life or in terms of career choices. Leaving off your passions in search of something else that’s more favored or socially acceptable can never be the right answer for you. A balanced life is a life that you chose for yourself and that makes you happy. Making space for the hobbies that make you feel more alive isn’t just great for your emotional stability but also for your health. People who smile more often and are genuinely happy with their life’s trajectory tend to live a longer, more fulfilling life. So, let your passions burn you from the inside. The drive and thrill you get from pursuing new passions are worth spending every ounce of energy you have.

2. Spend More Times With The Ones That Seem Worthy

This statement can be interpreted in two different ways. You can deduce that you should be spending time with the folks you deem closest to your heart. The second interpretation could be, spending less and less time with those that don’t seem to positively affect you in any way. Both interpretations are pretty on point. Adopting both or even one of these habits can provide you with the mental satisfaction and emotional fulfillment you need to thrive. Surrounding yourself with the right crowd leaves a long-lasting impact on your physical and mental well-being. When you’re truly content you tend to feel more free-spirited yet grounded simultaneously.

3. Try To Be A Little More Forgiving

The concept of forgiveness seems too limited. It seems more centralized around forgiving other people’s follies. Of course, if the offense committed by someone else seems easy to digest then you should be willing to forgive and forget. But, do you know how to actually forgive yourself? Starting from today, stop resenting yourself for a mistake you committed back in the day.

You were a different person back then and the current version of you needs to close that chapter. Forgiving yourself or someone else gives you the closure you need to be more at peace. It can eradicate the constant state of unrest your experience. Studies have shown that people who are more forgiving in general tend to have a lesser risk of dealing with cardiovascular disorders.

4. Consume Organic Stuff More Often

What you’re consuming orally tends to decide the entire order of your body. But apart from consumption, anything else that’s getting inside you can have a similar impact on your physical health. Clean eating is a practice more are more people are adopting nowadays. People following this lifestyle rely upon on organically grown fruit and vegetables. Consequently, their chances of coming in contact with additives and hormones are much less.

Apart from consuming organic food, make sure that the cosmetics you’re applying to your skin come in the same category. Organic food’s much safer for consumption which in turn makes sure that your physical and mental health remains stable. Eating organic stuff can even make your spirit feel more in tune with nature which is extremely necessary for wellness in general.

5. Spend A Tiny Chunk Of The Day Doing Something Athletic

Sitting around too much can raise the probability of having diabetes, blocked arteries, and similar problems. Consequently, you’ll be decreasing your life span. A large majority of your day sitting around can be detrimental to your physical health. Furthermore, if your physical health isn’t stable enough your mental health can suffer as a result of that too. Involve an athletic activity in your routine and try to make it as fun as possible.

If you’re a sports enthusiast then try giving a chance to basketball, tennis, or something similar. Furthermore, taking a 15-minute walk with your partner or a friend can also be a great alternative. This is a habit that shows its long-term benefits in the later years of your life. Remember, you’re playing the long game and saving yourself from having any health-related risks in the future.

6. Don’t Let Reclusiveness Overpower You

According to a relatively recent study; “people who willingly chose a life of isolation tend to face a 50% greater risk of premature death than those who have stronger social connections.” Introverts, lend an ear to this. This isn’t meant to scare you out of your self-imposed reclusiveness. Instead, it’s a reminder that choosing to be a little more social can be your ticket to a more balanced life. The feeling of belongingness that families or friends provide can make you much happier. Perhaps talking to a near or dear one can provide you the emotional support you badly need in the middle of a mental crisis. To top it all off, what can lift your spirits better than a group of friends poking fun at random things and commemorating old memories.

7. Practice Gratitude

It’s quite easy for your mind to deviate from positive towards negative thoughts. Social media is teeming with people and posts that can make you feel more conscious about your lack of possessions. It would be fair to say that a lot of things we surround ourselves with nowadays can make us more and more self-deprecating. That’s why practicing gratitude in any way, shape, or form can serve us as a reminder of all the good things we possess.

Yes, there’s a lot that you’d like to have but there’s a lot to be thankful for. Keeping a gratitude journal can be an affordable investment anyone can make for whenever gloom strikes. Whenever your mental health seems to be at its worse, taking a look at all the good things that have happened to you so far can uplift your mood. It almost feels like a warm hug reminding you about the things that truly matter in your life.

8. Meditation Can Do Wonders

A large majority of mental health professionals suggest practicing meditation alongside a treatment plan for their patients. Practicing meditation on a hectic day can make you in-tuned with your surroundings. Find a comfortable spot around the house or in your nearest park. Let yourself immerse in nature and let the inner you take charge for once. Meditation can lower stress levels and it also helps with fewer chronic cases of anxiety. Needless to say, meditating every once in a while can really make you feel much lighter.

9. Don’t Restrict Yourself To A Single Place

Restricting yourself to a single town and spending your entire life centered around it is a pretty limiting experience. Spend more time outside exploring something new if you’re privileged enough. Learn new languages, visit more historical places and expand the horizons of your mind. Like your body needs a run every now and then, your mind needs its dose of running too. Living an ordinary routine every day can deprive you of the creative boost you need to be better at your job, or life in general. Trying new things can rejuvenate your mind, body, and whole demeanor. This is a sweet escape that can reset your life after a mental breakdown. So, this is your cue to be a more outgoing person!

10. Introduce A Proper Sleeping Schedule In Your Routine

Physically or mentally, you can never be at your best if you’re sleep-deprived. Doing any hectic task requires that your spirits are in order. So, how on earth can you achieve anything in your disorderly state. Establish some ground rules regarding your nap times and bedtime. Avoid the excessive usage of energy drinks and similar beverages. While we’re at it, make sure you’re not scrolling through any social media apps a few hours before bedtime. Giving your eyes and brain that much-needed rest balances out your health. You can wake up the next day in high spirits and with a fresh mind, charged enough to ace every task.

11. Volunteer For A Good Local Initiative

Humans run on social links. We’re social animals that always feel the urge to connect with their “tribe”. Being a part of a large group of people not only makes you much happier but also gives you a sense of belongingness. So, let your participation shine through by taking part in local initiatives. You can volunteer for a non-profit organization, give out donations for the betterment of a minority. Everything counts if you’re making efforts for a greater cause. Doing something for the greater good can uplift your spirits. It’s almost like giving yourself a serotonin boost every now and then.

12. Cut The Stressful Crap Out As Soon As Possible

Casual gossiping, drama, and negative folks don’t belong in your life. The negativity other people bring in your life affects you mentally, which can soon start showing its physical signs too. People with chronic worrying patterns tend to develop allergies, hives, sleeping disorders, and much more as a result of stress. Why on earth would anyone willingly stand all this when they can simply leave it all behind?

Make it your new initiative to be less of a people-pleasing person. It’s a part of your self-care and wellness journey to let go of the people that bring you nothing but stress. Stop involving yourself in the drama that has nothing to do with you. If social media seem to be the culprit behind your body dysmorphia and lack of body acceptance, decrease the time you spend online. Taking a balanced approach to life is your new motto so make it your job to choose your body, mind, and spirit above anything else.

13. Just Don’t Ever Stop Learning

Don’t let the intuitive learner inside you ever fade away. The process of learning doesn’t end once you get a high school diploma or graduate college. As long as you’re alive, every new day is a chance to learn something new. So, use this opportunity to fuel this need for knowledge. Read a new book every month or watch more documentaries when you get the chance. Feed your spirit with the knowledge of the cosmos instead of letting it rot away surrounded by normalcy.

Final Words

Lastly, this should serve as an essential reminder that you need a break. You can’t expect yourself to slave away during the entire week and then complain about deteriorating health on the weekends. Not taking enough time to rejuvenate can cost you in the form of stress and much bigger mental anomalies. So, to perfectly balance your mind, body, and spirit you need to slow down every once in a while. Let life take the wheel for a second and live one day at a time.




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