A User-Friendly Guide On How To Clean Earrings On Your Own

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How To Clean Earrings


Keeping your favorite Manhattan hoops, casual Huggies, spikes, ethnic jhumkas, or studs in pristine condition is an absolute necessity. Jewelry of any kind holds a special value for women around the globe. It’s not the monetary value we’re only referring to, but the sentimental value of a gift given on a special occasion also holds great importance. Do you want to make things last as long as you can? Then you’ll probably want to know how to clean earrings on your own. Prepare yourself for a teeny tiny bit of effort! Of course, you can use an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner at home as most professional cleaners would do. That increases the risk of losing stones by making them loose. Instead, there are some remedies that can still get the job done within minutes.

I. How To Clean Silver Earrings

  • The Power Of Clear Ammonia:

You might want to be a little bit careful while using ammonia to re-glisten some of your favorite silver earrings. Grab your handy dandy gloves and goggles just to be safe. Prepare a solution consisting of 1 part ammonia and 2 parts water. Soak in your silver hoops for 10-15 minutes and then take them out.

You can either pat them dry with a gentle cloth or let them air dry. Make sure you rub them gently to get rid of any leftover residues of junk. Netizens also use this particular tip to clean any silverware lying around the house that might require some cleansing.

  • Vinegar & Sterling Silver:

Sterling silver earrings unlike some antique silver earrings are slightly easier to clean. You can rely on some simple pantry items for this deep cleaning endeavor. All you need is some white distilled vinegar and baking soda. Take a bowl and precisely one cup of white distilled vinegar. Now drop in your earrings and add 4 tbsp. of baking soda on top.

Forget about your earrings for about an hour as baking soda and vinegar perform their magic on them. Take them out an hour later and run them through tap water before patting them dry with a cloth.

  • Ketchup Can Return The Old Luster:

If the moisture in your locality’s air has tarnished the luster of your earrings, you might need some ketchup. No kidding! Ketchup really does help in getting rid of dullness from ornamental items made out of silver. Grab a paper towel and squeeze in some drops of ketchup on it. Gently rub your earrings with this paper towel with great care.

Leave them for 10-15 minutes after rubbing off the tarnish. Run your earrings through some lukewarm tap water and watch your silver earrings bling like before.

II. How To Clean Pearl Earrings

Out of all the metals or gemstones, we’re going to be discussing, pearls are the most sensitive. You can’t drop pearl earrings in any domestic acidic mixture and expect them to be clean minutes later. Pearls are alkaline in nature and mostly covered with nacre. Thus, getting in contact with any harsh substances can ruin their beauty forever.

No wonder your pearl necklaces lose their luster after coming in contact with perfumes, deodorants, and other cosmetic substances. Furthermore, if your pearl earrings have turned yellow, it doesn’t always imply that they are dirty. They might be a victim of discoloration due to using pouches made out of abrasive fabric.

  • Soapy Water & A Damp Cloth:

As stated earlier, when it comes to pearls you’ve got to be as gentle as you can. The great news is, a simple mixture of soap water can take off a lot of dust from your pearl earrings. After cleaning them you can pat them dry with cotton fabric or a piece of chamois leather.

Note: Avoid keeping your pearl earrings in hot temperatures or under direct sunlight if you want them to maintain their luster.


III. How To Clean Diamond Earrings

Using harsh chemicals around diamonds can cause permanent discoloration. Consequently, it can render them completely unwearable and we definitely don’t want that. So, you must avoid using bleach, chlorine, or acetone. Remember to store your diamond earrings away from debris in a clean storage space. Consequently, you won’t really have to spend much time on their upkeep.

Additionally, jewelers recommend professional cleaning with the appropriate tools at least twice a year. You can use the method down below to clean your diamond earrings once every two weeks. Furthermore, we suggest taking your diamond earrings for professional cleaning to a jeweler once a year.

  • Try Your Hand At Dish Soap:

As shocked as you might be dish soap really does get the job done for diamond earrings. The cleaning process is very simple just make it a diluted solution of dish soap with water. We suggest using 70% dish soap and 30% lukewarm water in a bowl. Just leave your diamond earrings inside to soak for about 30 to 45 minutes. Once they are done soaking get hold of a soft-bristled brush.

Now you can clear out all the junk by using that particular brush. Wash them with water and then let them air dry. If you seem to be in a rush you can also dry them with a lint-free cloth. Drying them with a lint-free cloth using a lint-free cloth ensures that no fabric particles stay stuck in your diamond earrings.

Note: You’ve got to make sure that the dish soap solution you’re using is dye-free and unscented at the same time. Additionally, before you start cleaning your diamond earrings check for any sensitive areas so they don’t break away while cleaning.


IV. How To Clean Gold Earrings

  • The Dish Soap Method:

You can try your hand at the dish soap method discussed earlier for diamond earrings. All you need is a diluted soap and water mixture, a lint-free cloth, and a cleaning brush. Voila, the job’s done!

  • Using Rubbing Alcohol:

Here’s a word of caution before you try using rubbing alcohol for your gold jewelry. If you own gold earrings with ornamental stones attached the jeweler must have probably used adhesive glue to get the job done. So avoid using the rubbing alcohol method on those earrings as the rubbing alcohol will melt off the adhesive glue.

On the contrary, if that’s not the kind of earrings you own; you can try the rubbing alcohol method. Just soak your plain earrings in rubbing alcohol for a few minutes. That will automatically take care of any junk, dust, or oil buildup.

  • Use A Polishing Cloth:

What’s so great about polishing clothes is that you can use them to clean jewelry made out of any metal. So apart from gold earrings, you can also use a polishing cloth for earrings made out of platinum, brass, or silver. Polishing cloths are infamous for purging oil buildups, fingerprints, scratches, and dullness. The second layer of these polishing clothes consists of rouge that buffs out any metal’s surface leaving it to glisten in its pure might.

Some infamous and cost-effective manufacturers of these polishing clothe are brands like Selvyt, Hagerty, and Fabulustre. You can easily find these on Amazon or your nearest mart.

  • An Easy Peasy Domestic Hack:

What’s that one item that all moms have in their pantry? Of course, we’re talking about baking soda. Whip out that tiny bottle from your kitchen cabinet and get to business. Some other items that you’ll need are salt, aluminum foil, and a bowl. Now cover the entire bowl with aluminum foil and add salt on top.

Add the baking soda as well and heat up some water on the stove in another dish. Once the water’s hot, pour it right on top of that aluminum-covered bowl. Let the mixture sit on its own for a short while before dropping in your earrings. You’re required to soak in your jewelry for 10-12 minutes. Once you’ve taken it out you can rub it dry with a lint-free fabric to get rid of some additional dirt.

  • Alka-Seltzer Works Fine Too:

This remedy is as easy as it sounds. Every house has some Alka-Seltzer pills lying around for heartburn. Just add two of those pills to a glass of water. While the water’s still fizzing and bubbling, drop in your gold studs. Leave them in for about 10-15 minutes. This remedy works exceptionally well for white gold jewelry that has turned yellow over the years.

Final Words

Of course one can’t achieve the desired results while cleaning jewelry on their own, at their home. Getting your jewelry professionally cleaned can satisfy your needs in a better manner. So make sure that you’re getting rid of that dust and oil build-up with a professional jeweler’s expertise. Another piece of advice that can save you from a huge loss big time is; plugging the sinkhole before starting the cleaning ritual. So, which one of these tips was your favorite? Are there are any long-running tips that have been traveling over generations in your family? Do let us know in the comments!



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