How To Be A Better Man?

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Photo by Tim Bogdanov on Unsplash

Changes are one of the only few things that make life brand new. They give us the strength to evolve, heal and conquer what’s been missing in life. So, even though walking into a brand new, changed path can be hard we owe it to ourselves and the people around us. Changing for the better is both our right and our obligation in this world. So, if you’re even wondering how to be a better man you’ve just entered the realm of evolution. Don’t wait up for the new year and your list of resolutions to kick in. Now’s the time to be the man that’s much kinder, affectionate, grateful, and cooperative than the one you are. No one can be perfect but we can all emulate some characteristics that can make us better versions of ourselves. Here are some traits rightful men possess and any man in the process of self-improvement must follow;

1. Don’t Let Negative Emotions Get The Best Of You

We all come under the radar of negative events every once in a while. It can be an argument with another roommate, a bad breakup with your cheating s/o, or an extremely arrogant colleague. The situations might differ but the negative emotions such situations invoke are the same. It’s a basic human instinct to feel overpowered by anger or jealousy when such situations arrive. Yet, it’s our responsibility to make our way out of these negative emotions. One who yields the power to get his negative emotions under control is the one that has the patience to handle it all.

Additionally, controlling your negative emotions renders you the ability to have better relationships with the ones we hold close. It’s a sign of true intelligence when a man understands that his outbursts can damage his reputation, career, and close relationships. Find ways to keep your aggression under check by seeking help if the problem gets out of control. The issue isn’t what you need to be most focused on, focus more on its immediate solution as that gets you one step closer to being the perfect man.

2. Take Care Of Yourself

Self-love, self-respect, and self-care are the three keys that are going to keep you afloat in life. At the end of the day even if you don’t have another hand to hold you still have yourself. You don’t have to be a stuck-up narcissist to love yourself and respect your needs. Instead of being hard on yourself, speak to your body and give it the break it needs. Self-love counts the most because if you can’t love yourself you won’t have the strength to be kinder to the ones around you.

Practice self-love by giving you the vacation you’ve always wanted, taking a bubble bath every once in a while, treating yourself to a nice dinner, buying the suite you’ve been meaning to buy for a while, etc. Apart from these, give your head a break and snooze off by putting your mind to rest. Avoid rushing into things and jolting up your mental health. Remove that toxic person and habit that’s been rocking up your world for the worse. It’s all about “you”, and you have the power to make “you” happy.

3. Don’t Be Afraid Of Taking Accountability

Running away from your wrongdoings is never going to be the right solution. As a matter of fact, not taking accountability can make matters even worse. It is among one of the many traits of a rightful man that he never strays away from taking accountability. To be a better man, you’ve got to learn from your mistakes. Yet, one can’t learn from their mistakes if they never even admit their mistakes from the past. A true narcissist can play the blame game and push the title of the wrongdoer around. Making things right with anyone you’ve done wrong is the key to establishing better mutual beneficial relationships. So, stand up be a rightful man and take the fall when you deserve it.

4. Focus On Your Communication Skills

Man’s social animal and most of the things we depend on technically rely on communicating. Whether it’s something as simple as an office chatter or holding important conversations with your partner. How you listen, perceive and the answer has an impact on the sustainability of everything. The words that come out of your mouth can never be taken back. So instead of making things sour by creating communication barriers, take the high road and talk it all out.

Focus on how your body language and facial expressions take the lead in the conversation. What kind of signals are you giving off while talking? Before you take charge of the situation with your opinions listen to what the other party’s claims are. Sometimes the ones you love only want someone who can listen to what they have to say. Thus it’s an important step towards being a rightful man; become a cooperative listener and a gentle speaker.

5. Get In Touch With Your Sensitive Side

“Men don’t cry” has got to be the most foolish statement that can come out of anyone’s mouth. It’s just a statement that backs up toxic masculinity that stops men from being the best versions of themselves. Putting on a tough exterior and becoming someone else for the sake of societal standards can always backfire.  Letting your sensitive side take the lead every once in a while is way too essential. It allows you to purge out any emotional baggage you’ve been carrying inside you for weeks or maybe years. It bonds you with the people you hold close to your heart. Crying is a basic human instinct when greeted with emotional grief or physical pain. Thus a rightful man is never scared of being a sensitive human and his true self when the right opportunity arrives.

6. Discover A Reason That Pushes You Everyday

A better “you” is not going to be as aimless as the past “you”. Men with a purpose in life are the best kind. That’s because our goals are the only thing in life that makes life worth living, make us value our states, and push us to wake up every day. Goals give us an optimistic look at life and with this positive look at life, we can be kinder to ourselves and the ones around us. Your goals are going to be the most important thing keeping you afloat even when things turn sour. So it’s about time you look at yourself in the mirror and wonder; what do I intend on becoming? Are there are expectations I have from myself? How do I intend on making things great financially or romantically? Your goals don’t have to be grand, start small and build your way to the top. Remember, you’re just beginning and there’s so much more that still awaits you.

7. Practice Gratitude In All Its Glory

Gratitude offers you a new perspective on life. It’s time to adopt some better habits if you’re really willing to be the better version of yourself. Why do we focus on what’s missing from our lives instead of focusing on what we have? It’s a query that most of us ask ourselves every once in a while. Focusing on the negatives can’t change the situation but it can obviously make your mental sustainability suffer. On your journey to becoming a better man, you’ve got to recognize all the blessings you have.

Recollect all the good things that happened to you during the day and focus on how life still seems to be going in the right direction. Not only is practicing gratitude a healthy activity that provides you solace, but it also grounds you. Remember, a grounded man is always the best man. Nobody’s got to be too religious to understand that they’ve got a lot to be thankful for. Even if we’re not referring to any economical or financial factors, why not take a look at those amazing parents or siblings you’re so happy to have. Try to be thankful for all the good things that happened to you during an entire day.

8. Forgive And Forget

Holding grudges isn’t a trait of a rightful man’s supposed to have. If someone has betrayed you emotionally, financially, or in any other way you have the right to be mad at them. There’s no expiration date on grief so take your time to thinks things through and to let your anger subside. But, once you get up and get over it you should be able to never look back at it. Forgiving someone is hard, but it’s even harder to forget about how they’ve wronged you. So, on your journey towards becoming a bigger person you need to learn one essential thing; forgive and forget. Let the waves of life take charge and move on for your sake. You owe it to yourself and you need to let go of the matter. You have every right to cut ties to someone who has hurt you and move on to better things.

9. Your Uniqueness Is What Makes You Extraordinary

What is it that makes you “you”? It’s your traits, belief system, interactive capabilities, intellect, and habits. You’ve got it all to make the right choices in life, so now it is up to you. Are you going to let others influence you into making a choice or are you going to take the wheel of your life? While you’re wondering how to be a better man, think about how you can be a better example for the ones around you. Instead of following the path set by others, follow the path you want to follow for your own sake. Don’t let your uniqueness die away, you have a chance to be opinionated as long as it is not harming others in any way. If you want to choose a career of your choice? Do it, because you owe it to yourself. Avoid letting other’s opinions about yourself impact the way you think. If you can’t even be good to yourself, how can you be good to others?


10. Give Back To Your Community Every Once In A While

A better “you” would be more selfless. Consequently, you’ll worry about the people linked to you as much as you care about yourself. Our communities are what makes us “us”. No matter how involved we are in our individual lives, we’re innately bonded with our ethnic, social, religious, racial, and local communities with something much stronger than blood. Our homogenous traits are what make us feel connected to this world. What are we if we don’t have people we belong to? Another essential step on your trajectory towards becoming a rightful man is giving what you owe to your community. Serve the local community by any means possible because that’s the least you can do.

It can include, running a local charity or donating to one every once in a while, taking part in local events that praise the patriarchs that have served your community, installing trash boxes, attending community meetings, and discussing steps to improve the community’s situation. It’s all about the effort. Once you recognize your worth as a member of a community the feeling of belongingness turns you into a more affectionate and reliable man.

Final Words

Stagnancy of any kind is toxic. Whether it’s the stagnancy in your views or belief systems. As life goes on and we go through its motions, we get a chance to have so many experiences. Whether these experiences are positive or negative isn’t part of the question. What matters is; how did these experiences change you? Have you taken these events as learning experiences and altered what needed to be altered positively. A rightful man changes for the better and evolves every day. Being a stuck-up individual isn’t going to take you anywhere. Of course, you have the right to be nostalgic for what’s gone, but you have an equal obligation to look at the future with an optimistic look.

So are you ready to become a better man and the best version of yourself?









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